If Your iPhone’s Alarm Is Not Working, Here’s How to Fix It

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If any of you reading this currently use your iPhone as an alarm clock, say I.

I myself have completely ditched my mechanical alarm clock and have solely relied on my phone, to wake me up in the morning.

According to Joe Rossignol at MacRumors, there is a glitch in the Clock app that Apple users are urgently trying to fight against.

The software bug, which is currently affecting alarms in the clock application have been causing iPhone users to well, sleep in later than expected.

And let’s just say that some iPhone users, are pretty mad about the bug that’s making them late to work.

“So I’m not going crazy”, one TikToker screamed in all capital letters on the Today Show viral video about the Apple’s alarm clock bug.

Another user commented on the same video, “I KNEW! I wasn’t crazy!”, while another mentioned, “Mine have been turning themselves down for what feels like years. I hate it.”

One TikToker even said that they were fired because of the recent alarm clock bug, but we sincerely hope that this comment, was just a joke!

You had one job Clock app.

Aside from the clear frustration from iPhone users, Apple has confirmed the problem, according to the Today Show on TikTok.

But in the meantime, the Today Show notes that many iPhone users have fixed the problem by toggling off the “Attention Aware Features” in “Settings” under “Face ID & Passcode”.

This setting according to Apple, allows our phones to check if we are paying attention to it, and will lower the sound of some alerts if the user is looking at their iPhone’s screen.

Now the good news is that Apple is currently working on a solution to fix the problem according to Forbes, but what we don’t know is how long we’ll have to wait for the fix.

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