This Server Shows Exactly How Customers Should Clean Their Tables After Eating And It’s So Helpful

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Every time I go out to eat, I like to clean the table so the server has as little to do as possible.

I already don’t have to clean up the dishes I use, so I may as well help gather them together.

It means less tedious work for the server, and they really appreciate it.

Did you know, there is actually a way that they want you to clean your dishes, if you so choose to do it?

This server took to TikTok to show the world how to properly clean off a table, and I kind of love her for it.

How To Properly Clear The Table At A Restaurant

My preference of stacking for easy clean up. Had training going on so perfect timing! Of course, this is all my opinion and preference.


First, you want to scoop all the leftover food into one dish or onto one plate.

Then, you can stack all the plates in order of size, with the biggest being on the bottom.

You want to put all the silverware on top of the stack of plates.

Then you can stack together any bowls, and put all the glasses together in one place.

Cups you do not stack together to avoid suction and getting stuck.


Finally, place the dirty napkins on top of the silverware.

Voila! Clean table!

It only takes like one minute, and you’ll have one happy server!

You can see the TikTok video on how to properly stack dishes HERE.

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