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Lisa Frank Crocs Are Here So We Can Relive The 90s

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Lisa Frank represents every girl’s love of the ’80s… am I right?

I had everything Lisa Frank, from notebooks, folders, stickers, etc… if Lisa Frank made it I totally had it.

Now Lisa Frank has teamed up with Crocs for the brightest and most colorful Crocs ever!


The Lisa Frank Crocs come in adults, kids, and juniors sizes.

Trust us, GEN X may be climbing up there in years, but we are all still very young at heart and one thing most of us love is Lisa Frank.


Lisa Frank and Crocs collaborated to create the perfect pair of clog style Crocs, y’all can call them ugly all that you want… I’m all about comfort and Crocs are comfortable.

It’s about to get hot and the light and airy feel of Crocs is perfect for most outdoor activities, especially time spent at the lake or beach.


The Lisa Frank-themed Crocs are bright and colorful with tons of neon hues and the whimsical designs you expect from Lisa Frank.


At the moment only limited quantities are available, but they do have it set where you can enter for a chance to purchase them to try and keep things fair.

I can only hope they restock the adult sizes as soon as possible because I have to have these!


They do come with themed Jibbitz shoe charms and you can purchase the Lisa Franks Crocs in select kids and juniors sizes right now for just $49.99!


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