You Can Get a Pineapple Starbucks Tumbler That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Sipping on a Tropical Island

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Starbucks wants to make you feel like you’re on vacation even when you’re not, considering one of their tumblers looks like a cup you would purchase on some tropical island.

Introducing a tumbler that looks exactly like a summer fruit that tickles your tastebuds paired with diamond shaped skin, any guesses?

Courtesy of eBay

Enter, the pineapple tropical tumbler!

Courtesy of eBay

Colored yellow at the base and green at the top, the lid that closes the tumbler is the leafy crown that sits at the top of a pineapple that you see stocked on grocery store shelves.

Courtesy of eBay

Unlike the usual green and white mermaid logo that typically represents the coffee chain, this tumbler has the iconic mermaid colored in a rustic gold to complete the aesthetic look.

Courtesy of eBay

Included is a matching, bright yellow straw made for sipping on your favorite go-to coffee order come morning or filled with a funky mixed drink for girls night out!

Courtesy of eBay

Fitted to be brought on summer vacation or casually used while working a 9-5 from home, this colorful tumbler is made to be used during the hottest day of of the year so use it while summer is still in style!

You can find Starbuck’s pineapple glass tumbler on eBay for $30 to sip from this summer season!

Courtesy of eBay

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