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You Can Get Dr Pepper Gummy Soda Bottles That Are Made With Real Soda

I grew up on Dr Pepper. I also grew up on gummy candies. I mean, who didn’t, AMIRITE?!? Did I have the occasional Dr Pepper gummy? Why yes, yes I did.

Courtesy of Amazon

So, I was totally stoked when I found these retro looking Dr Pepper Gummy Soda Bottle candies. They are almost JUST like I used to get as a kid.

Courtesy of Amazon

These Soda Bottle Gummy candies are made with REAL Dr Pepper, so you KNOW they are amazing.

They say Dr Pepper is made with 23 flavors. It’s kind of their “thing.” Some people think Dr Pepper tastes like a dark cherry soda. I think those people are crazy. To me, Dr Pepper is just Dr Pepper!

Whatever flavor profile you give Dr Pepper, these gummy candies have that same refreshing taste! Enjoy that sweetness.

Courtesy of Amazon

Each little bag is 4.5 ounces, and, if you get them on Amazon, you get twelve bags. For those counting, that’s 54 ounces of candy. DANG — that’s a lot!

Were you able to taste the Dark Berry Dr Pepper when it came out? I wanted to try that flavor almost as much as I want to try the Cream Soda Variety that is hitting stores soon!

It would be super cool if these Gummies came out in flavored Dr Pepper varieties. But, I’ll certainly settle for the 23 flavor, original variety.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can get these Dr Pepper Gummy Soda Bottles straight from the Amazon website along with a few other Dr Pepper goodies.

Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon DOES have TWO other flavors of these Gummy Soda Bottles: Root Beer and Grape Soda flavored Soda Bottle Gummies. I’ll just take them all, please!