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Turns Out J. Lo And Shakira Won’t Be Paid For Their Super Bowl Performance. Here’s Why.

I guess I just always assumed performs were paid BIG bucks especially considering how much a Super Bowl Ad costs. I mean, it only would make sense, right?



Turns Out J. Lo And Shakira Won’t Be Paid For Their Super Bowl. Here’s Why.

According to Forbes, performers aren’t paid to do the Super Bowl Halftime Show.


I mean, sure, these celebrities already have tons of money but I’d think that unless it’s charity work, they’d be paid. After all, this is their JOB.

Apparently, that isn’t how the Super Bowl works though. Aside from union scale and coverage of production costs, Shakira and J. Lo aren’t paid a dime. Not even a penny.

Since the Super Bowl is such a big deal every year, it’s more of an Honor to ask to perform for the Halftime show. It’s even a dream of some performers to be able to say they performed at this event.

Bonus: They do get some amazing exposure for free.

“They are willing to perform for free and even subsidize the production costs through their record label or concert promoters because of this incredible exposure.”

“Even the biggest names need to continually promote themselves. The Super Bowl halftime show is the single biggest promotional vehicle for a music star on the planet.”

Marc Ganis, president of consulting firm Sportscorp.

Forbes went onto to use examples of past performers like Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga saying:

In the hour following the 2018 Super Bowl, halftime act Justin Timberlake saw a 214% spike in Spotify streams. That came the year after Lady Gaga saw a months-old album rocket all the way up to No. 2 on the Billboard charts in the wake of her big game performance, surging 60 spots in a week.

Um, woah. That is some crazy success all for performing for 10-12 minutes.

That is all still quite impressive but knowing these performers work their asses off to perform for all of us, I still think they deserve to be compensated but who am I to say?

Nonetheless, Shakira and J. Lo KILLED it last night and they prove that being over 40 has nothing to do with how well you can dance and sing your butt off.


Monday 3rd of February 2020

This is crap. They should be paid. Idiot people