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Fans Have Started A Petition To Free Britney Spears From Her Conservatorship. Here’s What We Know.

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If you’ve been following Britney Spears for some time, you know that she has had a rough few years.

More recently, fans have become concerned with her recent videos and social media postings saying it is a cry for help since she has been under the control of her father for the past decade.

Now, fans are taking things one step further and have started a petition to help Free Britney from her conservatorship.


In case you don’t know, a conservatorship is a legal concept of guardianship in America, where an individual is appointed a guardian or a conservator by the court to help them with their day to day affairs. The conservator makes all the decisions in a person’s life.


In this case, it has been said that Britney Spears has to run every decision by her dad including driving to the grocery store. He controls all of her finances and everything she does.


Since Britney’s life and career has been completely owned and controlled by her father, fans believe that her conservatorship is just a means to exploit her and her wealth which according to court documents from 2018 is at least $59 million.


This is why over 134,000 concerned fans have now signed a petition asking for her to get her own lawyer and finally get out of the conservatorship.


This is all so crazy and it sure sounds like Britney needs our help! You can sign the petition to #FreeBritney here.

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