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Some Moms Are Mixing Breast Milk Into Their Kids’ Cereal In Hopes Of Giving Them COVID Antibodies

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I’m not sure if this is extremely bizarre, genius, or just plain gross.

People are mixing human milk (as in breast milk) into their kids’ cereal in hopes of giving them COVID-19 antibodies, and yes, I’m serious.

I don’t have a problem, like AT ALL, with continuing to breastfeed your baby once they reach the toddler stage. Studies have shown that the longer you keep them on breast milk, the more beneficial it can be for the kid.

So, I can totally see breastfeeding your toddler in the hopes that they will receive needed antibodies against COVID. I mean, they get other essential antibodies from breast milk, why not add COVID to the list?

Parents who breastfeed for two years or more have been found to have higher antibody levels in their milk.

Yahoo News

There is currently no vaccine for the littles under 12 years old, so some mom’s think getting immunity through breast milk is the best closest choice to protect their children.

Until all children are approved to get the vaccine themselves, these moms believe indirect immunity is the next best way to protect their littlest ones.

Yahoo News

Marissa Evans writes for the Los Angeles Times, and she talked with some of these moms who were breastfeeding advocates BEFORE the pandemic, and now they continue to be so in the age of COVID immunity concerns.

So, I get where these moms are coming from when it comes to breastfeeding their babies and toddlers, and I say Good For Them.

BUT, I might have to draw the line at what some of these moms are resorting to.

Some mommies (who are still lactating) are pumping their milk, and feeding it to their older kids on their cereal in the mornings in hopes that the kids will pick up the COVID antibodies in the milk.

These moms are carrying the antibodies, because they are being urged to get the vaccine while pregnant. There is research out there that shows that the benefits FAR outweigh the risks, and there is virtually no harm to the fetus from the mommy getting the vaccine.

I mean, I guess there’s no harm, and if the kids are getting some advantageous effect from the milk, it is probably okay.

I would just be raging mad if I found out that I was inadvertently being fed human milk — but then, I’m not a child.

According to Yahoo News, there is even one mom out there who is still breastfeeding her 3-year-old son — AND her 7-year-old daughter.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I almost think slipping the breast milk into the cereal is less scarring than breastfeeding a 7 year old. But, that’s just my opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.

“We can actually talk about weaning and she’s old enough to know what antibodies are,” Gonzalez [the mom] told Evans, speaking about her daughter. “We call them little warriors in the milk and she’s willingly drinking it; she knows about the pandemic.”

Yahoo News

So, what do YOU think? Breastfeed children? Slip the human milk onto the cereal? The whole thing is just weird? You decide.

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