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Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Are Headed For Divorce And It Is So Sad

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OMG!! I didn’t see this coming!

It looks like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are headed for divorce.

Apparently, Joe has contacted at least 2 divorce lawyers in L.A., and he is on the brink of filing divorce docs against Sophie Turner.

This is so sad!!

While there have been no outward signs of probs — they have been attending events together — privately, there is a different story unfolding.

Joe has even been spotted out and about without his wedding ring. Although, admittedly, sometimes he can be seen wearing the ring, and other times he leaves it at home.

According to TMZ, Joe and Sophie’s relationship is “circling the drain” regardless of if he’s wearing his ring or not.

Apparently, they’ve been having serious problems on and off over the last 6 months — with Joe taking on daddy duties of their two young children while Sophie is M.I.A.

He even appears to have custody of the little kids while his band is touring around the U.S.

What the heck? Where is Sophie?

We know she’s had some TV and movie stuff going on in the recent years, and according to IMDB, she has a TV show in pre-production.

Maybe that’s what’s been taking up her time.

And, what about that Miami mansion they just bought a year ago?

Yep, they sold it.

Our thoughts go out to the couple as they maneuver this new chapter in their lives.

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