Walmart Now Sells Charcuterie Boards for Dogs and It’s Genius 

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As humans we spend hours creating the perfect dinner table for Thanksgiving while many times, our dogs are constantly interested in what we’re making as soon as we turn on the stove.

So why not make them a bowl that looks just as fancy as the dinner table, but dog approved.

Dubbed the Bark-uterie, similarly to a charcuterie board for humans, this organized food board is made specifically for dogs!

Courtesy of Walmart

For the ones with four legs in the house, this charcuterie board made for dogs features dog chews and biscuits.

Courtesy of Walmart

100% rawhide free, this assortment of food includes Chicken-Wrapped Biscuits, Salami Bites, and more tasty foods for your pup.

Courtesy of Walmart

Not to mention it features all of your dogs favorites that will have your dog’s mouth-watering and forgetting about what you’re cooking on the stove.

Courtesy of Walmart

And even though our fur-babies might devour it in seconds, it’s the thought that counts.

Courtesy of Walmart

You can currently find the charcuterie boards for dogs stocked at Walmart so your dogs can eat classy just like their owners!

Courtesy of Walmart

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