You Can Now Get Squishmallows Dressed Like Wizards from ‘Harry Potter’ So, Accio Them to Me

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Who says wizardry only applies to wizards?

Squishmallows have officially stepped into the wizard world.

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Aside from the other Squishmallows designs, each soft plush now come dressed as a wizard from Hogwarts.

Featuring similar details inspired by the movie, each pillow comes with wizard gear according to their Hogwarts house.

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So whether your soft plush is dressed like a Gryffindor or Slytherin, each pillow features the famous Hogwart’s house scarf that matches their house color.

Courtesy of Target

And not to mention each Squishmallow also correlates with each house’s mascot.

Fans of the pillows and the Harry Potter series can expect a Squishmallow Slytherin Snake, a Ravenclaw Raven, a Gryffindor Lion and a Hufflepuff Badger stocked in stores!

Courtesy of Target

You can currently find the Harry Potter Squishmallows collection at stores like Target or online at Amazon.

Choose your Squishmallow’s house wisely.

Courtesy of Amazon

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