This Weiner Dog Pool Float Makes My Heart Happy

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If you know anything about me, you know that nothing in the world makes me happier than my swimming pool.

Except the awesome floaties I put into my pool each summer, and this summer it’s ON because this Weiner Dog Pool Float is already on its way to my house.

Weiner Dog Pool Float

I guarantee you that THIS will be THE pool float of the summer, and you need to get it RIGHT NOW.

I mean, how can you look at weiner dog pool float and NOT want him in your pool?

This Weiner Dog Pool Float Is The Must-Have Pool Float For The Summer

I mean, apart from the fact that anyone sitting on this weiner dog pool float is going to look downright RIDICULOUS, I also just really love dogs.

And pool floats.

weiner dog pool float

This is the sort of thing that several people could ride. You and your friends could all ride the dog.

Because why wouldn’t you do that?

I want to spend my whole summer floating around on weiner dog pool float.

Basically this weiner dog pool float is just sitting back enjoying life. I wish I could be as cool as weiner dog pool float.

He’s all, “You know you want to spend an endless summer floating on top of me, living your best life.”

weiner dog pool float

Yes, weiner dog pool float, I do. I want to spend my whole summer floating around on you.

(Side note: Is it weiner dog or wiener dog? My mind is blown trying to figure that out right now.)

Can you just imagine showing up to the neighborhood pool with a couple of these in tow?

This is how you remain cool and relevant. I am sure of it.

weiner dog pool float

Does weiner dog pool float have a cup holder?

Indeed he does.

Oh my gosh. Weiner dog pool float, you may be the greatest thing I have ever seen. It’s like weiner dog pool float comes with all the bells and whistles needed to make this summer the best damn summer yet.

I am so excited right now.

weiner dog pool float

Oh weiner dog pool float, why are you so wonderful? Why are you so magnificent.

I think I might get more than one.

Will my two weiner dog pool floats get together and make weiner dog pool float babies? WHO KNOWS.

Only time will tell.

If you simply must have this weiner dog pool float, and why wouldn’ you, you can find him (Or her, who am I to judge?) here.

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