Fanta Releases a Jet Black Soda for Halloween and It’s Your Job to Guess the Flavor

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Can you trust your own taste buds?

Fanta has hired their fans as taste tasters once again to guess this year’s mysterious flavor for Halloween.

“What The Fanta” is officially back and the guessing games have begun to determine this year’s frightening, but flavorful taste.

And this year, don’t count on any hints because even the soda color is completely pitch black.

Courtesy of @dealsinstores

Unlike last year’s “What The Fanta” flavor which stuffed a bright baby blue, this year, you’ll need to count on your tastebuds more than the color to guess this spooky flavor.

Courtesy of @melvins_munchies

The haunting new bottle packs a midnight black soda with zero sugar in two packaged varieties.

Featuring 20 ounce bottles and 7.5 ounce mini cans, each soda bottle or can is decorated with neon green colors this Halloween.

And social media users have already given their guesses on what they think this year’s flavor could be.

While some are completely stumped on the taste, many have said that this soda bottle has a fruity flavor.

To guess this year’s Halloween flavor, you can find the pitch black bottles nationwide at grocery stores sometime this week!

Courtesy of @markie_devo

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