If You See A Pod Like This On Your Christmas Tree, Place it Outside Immediately

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Just file this in the EW, NOPE file! This lady found a brown, walnut shaped “thing” on her Christmas tree. I would have guessed it was a type of pinecone, but NO. In fact, if you find this pod on your Christmas Tree, place it outside IMMEDIATELY.

After a couple of days, the thing HATCHED, and 100-200 PRAYING MANTIS BABIES came scurrying out.

Is scurrying the right word? Do baby praying mantises scurry? Maybe they saunter, or perhaps run? WHATEVER they do, the point is, THEY ALL CAME OUT of this pod thing, and INTO HER HOUSE!

Nope. I’m out. I’d pack my bags, and be GONE. See ya later!


Don’t mock me, Mrs. praying Mantis! I see you and there.

If you see this walnut-looking pod thing on the branches of your Christmas tree, make sure you carefully cut off the branch it’s on, and take the thing OUTSIDE, preferably away from the house.

See, these little dudes are cannibalistic. They will come out looking for bugs to eat on the tree. When they don’t find any bugs, they will go EVERYWHERE — walls, ceilings, windows — and they will start eating each other. I feel like I’m living in the middle of a horror movie, here.


In order to help them survive — or because they are just gross, and you want them out of your house — they need to be outside, where they can find bugs to eat.


The pod thing — I guess the proper term is “egg sac” — is about the size of a walnut. It’s brownish in color, and has sort of ripples on its surface.


If you see one, run just safely take the whole branch outside. Praying mantises are actually great for pest control, but that doesn’t mean I want them all over my house.


Now HERE are some bugs I can handle! Check out this Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Operation Game, where you can pull bugs out of his body instead of bones.

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