Edible Easter Grass Exists And It’s So Much Better Than The Plastic Stuff for Easter Baskets

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Easter is approaching fast and now is the time to get items to fill those Easter baskets!

This year, I am entirely skipping the traditional plastic Easter grass.


Well, aside from that stuff getting EVERYWHERE, I found out that Edible Grass exists and that just makes things so much more fun.

The Edible Easter Grass is a 1 oz package that fills one Easter Basket.

It comes in three colors and flavors including: Green Apple, Pink Strawberry, Blue Blueberry.


I actually found the Green Apple flavor the other day at Target but they didn’t have any other flavor.

This is a great way to have zero waste if you intend to use Easter grass this year because the kids can totally eat it!

If you have more than one kid, this 3-pack on Amazon is actually a better deal.

You can grab the Edible Easter Grass 3-Pack on Amazon Here for around $13.

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