10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Pumice Stones

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So by this point you should know that pumice stones are incredibly amazing at breaking through the hard shell of our winter feet and making them all pretty and stuff for flip flop season…but did you know there are other things you can do with them? I’m not talking beauty things, either. I mean, yeah you can use a pumice stone to rub off those tiny hairs all over your body (you go, girl!) but I’m talking there are some truly ingenious, next level things you can do with these stones! Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know you could do with pumice stones.


10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Pumice Stones

1. Pumice stones are great at cleaning ovens. Forget about all those harsh chemical sprays, just spray some water and scrub in circles with your stone. You’ll have a shiny, beautiful oven way faster and you won’t have to go in for a lung x-ray.

2. Know those favorite Old Navy flip flops you love, but they look like something your dog buried in the yard? Run them under some water and rub a pumice stone over them. They’ll look good as new in no time!

3. Love taking your pet to the dog park, but hate what it does to the floor mats in your car? Grab a pumice stone and some tape. Rub the stone over the mat and use the tape to pull up the little hairs that’ll bunch up. Pretty as new in no time.

4. Give the gardeners and handy people in your life something they’ll truly love with homemade gardener soap using a pumice stone. Here’s a great recipe you can follow!

5. Want to turn an old pair of jeans into shorts? Go for it! And when it comes time to get rid of all those tiny little white threads that make you look like a reject from the 90’s, use a pumice stone to grind them away. It’ll only take minutes and it’ll leave you with a clean (and definitely not bad-retro) look you’ll love.

6. Or want to distress a pair of jeans to make them look way more expensive than they were? Go to someplace like Goodwill and pick up something super cheap. Use  some scissors to cut a few initial horizontal holes, then a pumice stone to distress them into that faded look we all love. You can make some areas deeper than others so that you’ve got a few patches. Use that money you saved to get that amazing purse you’ve been eyeing…

7. Here’s another amazing clothing tip: if you’ve got a favorite old sweater that’s starting to pill up, just gently rub a pumice stone across the pill areas, then lift off with tape. It’ll make that old sweater look new and you’ll look abs fab.

8. Pet hair in your carpet is a pain in the booty, but just like with your floor mats you can use a pumice stone to get those teeny tiny ones that even your vacuum misses.

9. Ugly rust stains in your porcelain bath tub? Spray on some hydrogen peroxide, then a little vinegar, and tackle them with the pumice stone. It’s like stain-b-gone!

10. Or what about those awful hard water ring stains inside your toilet? Who doesn’t hate those? No prob! That same pumice stone will get rid of those in a flash. You’re going to look like a freakin’ home keeping goddess for real.

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