I Have A Service Dog, Here is Why You Can’t Pet Her…

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So, I have a lot of issues. Like a LOT. Most of them are considered pretty rare and I just happened to hit a jackpot of some sort. But it doesn’t make me a winner.

I would like to think that I handle my disabilities pretty well, acceptance of all of it was key. The addition of a service dog made the biggest difference though.


My service dog is still in training and she has a way to go, but she does already work and she loves to work.

In fact, I haven’t had a bad fall in months! Furiosa alerts to changes in my body and will make me sit down on the floor on in a chair and she will not let me up. This has kept me from so many falls and has kept me from injuring myself.


One of the conditions I have is Dystonia a movement disorder under Parkinson’s. Here Furiosa is tasking. ##greatdane ##dystonia ##servicedog ##petlife

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When we are out in public she is still actively training, honestly, the training never stops with a service dog. When I am out with her, people are immediately drawn to her, I mean she is quite pretty, and um, big. My service dog is a Great Dane.

She does medical alert, retrieval tasks, DPT, and once she is finished growing, she will be able to do full mobility work once cleared by a vet. She has a wonderful trainer that helps me out.


So, everyone that has a disability or disabilities in many cases, is not the same. Sometimes we just want to go about our business and be done and go home. We hope to go unnoticed, to be invisible because the anxiety that comes along with being sick is crippling as well.

Sometimes we don’t mind answering a question or two, but mostly we just want to do our thing without the extra attention. The biggest issue I have experienced handling a service dog is strangers randomly reaching out at her.

Sometimes they try to pet, sometimes they try to grab her harness. Please don’t do this. Not only is it stressful for us, but it is also stressful for the working dog. Honestly, it’s something you shouldn’t do to any dog you do not know.


They are trying to focus on the handler and their jobs. When you reach out to pet them, it confuses and distracts them from doing their job. They could miss an alert and this could be critical, it can be dangerous.


So please don’t be mad if a handler brushes off your advances, or tells you no. The dogs are working and some have bigger jobs than others.


Please also know that working dogs are not always working, they also get to just be dogs. She has all sorts of friends and loves her play dates at the park!


Furiosa made a new friend named Tink! ##greatdane ##loveisintheair ##dogsoftiktok ##dogpark ##servicedog

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Honestly, in most cases, they are spoiled with loads of love and attention, but when they are working it is their job to focus on their person. Their person needs them.

So many people will say they feel sorry for working dogs. I promise you, they work because they love it, if they didn’t love it, they wouldn’t do it. Those comments are often heard while out in public, especially if the person is told they can not pet the dog that is working.


Please try to be understanding. I have friends that have been verbally assaulted for not allowing people to pet their service dogs. Totally not cool to do that to someone. So please be nice, thanks! Furiosa and I thank you for reading and understanding how our partnership works.


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