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Dollar General Is Opening Up A New Store Where Everything Will Be $5 Or Less

It seems that Dollar General is branching out in the world of retail establishments, when so many other companies are having to close their doors.

Dollar General announced that it plans to open a new chain called Popshelf, which is going to be a $5 and below concept.

The Tennessee company said Thursday that it will debut the new store concept, called Popshelf, with two locations opening near Nashville on October 29. It plans to have about 30 locations in various markets by the end of 2021.

Courtesy of CBS

It seems to me like they are trying to compete with the Five Below chain of stores, where all the products are, obviously, under $5.

This is ONLY good news, because the world needs more good quality bargain stores, AMIRITE?!?

Right now, Dollar General carries mostly necessity items. I hit up my local Dollar General during the big toilet paper shortage of 2020, and it was one of the only places that had a could find the stuff!

It also carries things like impulse buy foods (chips and candy), inexpensive clothes, diapers, cleaning products, cheap school supplies — you know, necessity stuff.

The NEW Popshelf is going to sell more pop culturey stuff — things like makeup, home decor, party supplies (think along the lines of the Five Below stores).

I, personally, can’t wait! I could lose hours just looking around a store like that. And, since it’s only $5, I won’t go broke — hopefully!!

The new chain’s target audience will initially skew female, with the outlets located in suburban markets with household incomes ranging from $50,000 to $125,000. The modest-sized stores, which will run roughly 9,000 square feet, will have roughly 15 employees.

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of Dollar General

So, what they are saying — they are catering to me and you. Ha! I’m just fine with that!

I may just have to justify a road trip to Nashville to go see this new Popshelf store when it arrives at the end of October!

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Friday 9th of October 2020

That would be awesome hope they open one in Tulsa Ok