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You Can Get A 16-Count Hot Chocolate Bomb Box That Includes A Caramel Apple Flavor

You can now get a 16-count Frankford Fall Hot Chocolate Bomb Box, and these bombs are about to be your most delicious holiday tradition.


These are the BOMB — the Hot Chocolate Bomb.

I have dad jokes.

But seriously, remember a couple years ago when we were just discovering Hot Chocolate Bombs, and how amazing they are?

Well, some things don’t change. Hot Chocolate Bombs are still that rich, decadent, almost dessert-like drink that soothes the soul and can turn any dark day into a bright spot of sunshine.

We know you love Hot Chocolate. And we know you love experiences. So join the latest trend and use this original Hot Chocolate Ball to bring the most delicious and even decadent treat to your holiday tradition.


You probably know how a Hot Chocolate Bomb works, but here’s a little refresher for you. It’s easy enough to remember, but you may want to write it down.

Place the Hot Chocolate Bomb into the bottom of a mug. Pour warm milk into the mug — hot enough to melt the chocolate, but not so hot that you scald it. Watch as the bomb melt away into the milk, revealing the marshmallow surprise inside.

There are 4 different flavored Chocolate Bombs in this decadent Hot Chocolate Bomb Box. You get Milk Chocolate, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Spice, and Double Chocolate.


I call the Caramel Apple flavor!!

This 16-count box of Hot Chocolate Bombs runs $20. That’s only $1.25 a bomb!!


If you’ve priced Hot Chocolate Bombs lately, that is an EXCELLENT price!

You can get your own 16-count Frankford Fall Hot Chocolate Bomb Box from the BJ’s website or in your local BJ’s store.