Aldi Is Selling $4 Boxes of Galactic and Unicorn Dessert Cones and I Need Them

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Aldi, I love you. Seriously, I love you. You are close to home, you are small, you are not overwhelming for me. I can get in and out so quickly and you always have amazing things that I can choose from! My kids love you too! Because you have the best snacks and treats!

Aldi Sundae Shoppe brand has something brand new! Kids and adults everywhere will want some for themselves. Not only because it’s ice cream, but because it’s “cool” ice cream. Like Unicorn Cones and Galactic Cones!


The Galactic Cones are so cool looking! They come in my favorite type of cone which is a wafer cone that is coated on the inside with chocolate. Then it is filled with Chocolate and Vanilla frozen dessert! Then it is topped with a raspberry-flavored topping and covered in sprinkles that resemble the galaxy, complete with stars!


The Unicorn Cones are raspberry and vanilla. They also come in my favorite kind of cone, (the wafer cone lined with chocolate on the inside). Then they are filled with a raspberry and vanilla frozen dessert. Then it is topped with the raspberry topping! Then it gets even more magical because they have rainbow sprinkles!


It is said that they would be out in stores on June 24th! So start hunting now in case your store is one of the lucky ones to get them early! They will cost you about $3.49 for a box of 4 of them.


The Galactic Cones and Unicorn Cones are upcoming Aldi Finds. I love Aldi Finds! They always get the most interesting stuff. The sad thing, they usually don’t stick around very long and then I miss them so much. Like the Bee Happy Nest Swing is a current Aldi Find, did you see it?


You’ll definitely want to make sure you grab the Aldi Finds as soon as they pop up at your local Aldi stores, because they may only be there for a short time. Like this Dill Pickle Hummus that I fell in love with. So sad…


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