Aldi Is Selling A $40 Nest Swing For Kids and You Know Your Kids Need It

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If you thought Aldi’s Boho Hanging Chair was neat, check out this new item also found at Aldi’s that’s just for kids!

Courtesy of Aldi

I distinctly remember always wanting a swing in the backyard when I was little, and what kid doesn’t want to pushed from the back, pretending like they can reach the sky!

Sadly, my parents never bought me one. So it looks like when I have kids, I’ll have to vicariously live through them.


Aldi is selling a swing similar to the Boho Hanging Chair and it looks so much fun! Especially during times like this, where kids are constantly stuck inside, this is the perfect excuse to get them out of the house for a bit!

Trust me, once they see a new swing hanging in the backyard, they’ll want to go outside constantly. Plus, it gives parent’s a break from having children inside of the house too!


In lime green, you can purchase the swing for 40 bucks on Aldi’s website. Aldi’s calls it, the “Bee Happy Nest Swing” and the name fits perfectly for any kid’s emotion once that get to ride on this swing! How could you not be happy swinging back and forth in the backyard on a nice Summer day!


When purchased, this item saves parent’s time with building, because it already comes conveniently pre-assembled. Kids won’t have to wait hours until it’s assembled and parents won’t become inpatient from their kids constantly asking if the swing is built yet.

It’s a win-win for both parties if you ask me!


The swing also comes with a mesh seat for comfortability and a 300 pound weight limit, which means more than one kid can swing at a time.

The rope that comes with the product is also adjustable for your desired height, also including 2 tree straps, 2 carabiners and 1 wrench to help hang the swing safely and securely.


Aldi’s is unlike any other grocery store. I mean seriously, what other grocery store do you know of that sells Boho Hanging Chairs and Nest swings for adults and children! I know that my grocery store at home, does not!

If only I could buy this swing for myself, but I’m most likely too old for that. However, it does look fun! It looks like the Boho Hanging Chair might suit better for my age.


The next time I’m visiting Aldi’s, it won’t be groceries!


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