Bath & Body Works Is Under Fire After They Released A Witch Hand Candle Holder That Apparently Employees Bought Up

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Yikes! This isn’t good!

As you may know, the Bath & Body Works Halloween Collection is a highly sought out collection because it just seems to get better and better every year.

Well, this year in particular was one to look forward to and some items were so hot, we never really even saw them available to begin with.

But one item in particular has Bath & Body Works in some hot water after employees allegedly bought up all the stock in-store while the rest of the stock was sold to scalpers and is being sold for 3x more online.

You can imagine that people are PISSED.

The item in question is the Witch Hand Pedestal Single Wick Candle Holder that was selling for $40.

For starters, people are upset because the launch date for this was supposed to be out on the 26th online but it was released early and it sold out within minutes.

As for the in-store stock, people were going to the store only to be told that the employees got first dibs on it and bought all that stores stock.

Yes, actual employees ADMITTED to customers this is what happened and even ones behind the counter were reserved for other employees!

What the what?!

Now, look, I get it. It’s just a candle holder. But for some people, they look forward to little things like this in life.

I mean, this past year and a half hasn’t been easy and can you imagine if someone’s day was just a little better being able to get one of these?

So, yeah, while I think employees deserve to get first dibs on products (I mean, they work there) Bath & Body Works should know better than to make such low stock.

Come on Bath & Body Works, we want more of these crazy cool products so make it happen!

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  1. BBW makes a habit of it! My favorite scent was released only one season and sold out immediately every time restocked. Now I can only find it online for quadruple the price. No thanks. I don’t need it that bad. It just doesn’t make sense to me that they don’t make popular scents permanent. Do they have an aversion to wealth??

  2. I don’t care employees are buying items, but they should be disciplined or fired for not purchasing the items for themselves to keep but to sell third-person. BBW can track this and act accordingly. Also, there should be purchasing limits for all–employees and customers alike. There is no need to buy five of these unless for nefarious purposes.

  3. You know what… I may come under fire for this, BUT EMPLOYEES DO DESERVE FIRST DIBS! Because, like you said, *EVERYONE* should be able to buy this and that includes employees, I cant begin to tell you how many times as an employee (not of bath & body works) we were not able to get the merchandise we want because “customers come first” and “the customer is always right” HOWEVER the employees that took advantage of this should have a limit 1-2 per person, SAME WITH THE CUSTOMER, because I won’t even begin to tell you that customers would’ve done the same thing and bought all of these out to upsell them. It’s called scalping and it shouldn’t be allowed in any retail store. So the employees that did this should have a consequence for sure, like being fired but I do believe any customer that would have done this, should also be limited and subsequently be banned from the store. STOP SCALPING, WHETHER YOU’RE AN EMPLOYEE OR A CUSTOMER. DAMN.

    1. @KATE, the customers should come first since they are the ones who have to pay full price. What would be better would be for the business owners to make extra for every employee to have one as a company gift. Then the ones made for customers should be available with a limit of one or two per household.

    2. STOP BUYING FROM SCALPERS! You’re incentivizing them.

  4. I can’t believe this is happening it really shocked me about bath &body works i have been a fan ever since they have opened there stores.And i spend alot of money. I Love bath & body it is my happy place.When i go in all the girls know me.Me and my husband have been trying to get the hand because we have all the other pieces.We worked very hard trying to get the set.l am very upset about this it is not wright to the people that want the hand.Sorry but bath &body works needs to make it up to there buyers.They have the mold why can’t they make more.

  5. I see them online for 150 to 190 dollars for a 40 dollar candle holder. I was looking for one and apparently can’t find one at regular price so I won’t have one this year. Bath and body should limit the employees to just 1 of these select items make it right for us customers.

    1. @Joseph L Machmiller, totally agree…just saw on Mercari for $600…how ridiculous and savage of people…

    2. @Denise M Cali, Omg!!! This makes my blood broil!!! So.. Employees get 1st dibs? That’s NOT RIGHT. I am going to make sure this part changes soon!!

    3. @Rachel L Perriggo, Its not right at all, I was on the site first thing and had one in my cart and then it dissapeared and I couldnt get, Really wanted one but not paying the rediculous price on the sites!

    4. @Joseph L Machmiller, customers would’ve done the same thing. it’s called scalping. Like examples: Rae Dunn or Squishmallows

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