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You Can Crochet An Oogie Boogie Hood and It’s So Cool, I Can’t Believe My Eyes

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is such an iconic film, and perfect to watch around Halloween time!


With Oogie Boogie being the creepiest of the lot, making this next crochet pattern could be the best idea this Halloween season!


How adorably creepy is this!? I love all of the details on it as well!


If you are into crocheting, I have found your next project! And this pattern is a best seller too!


This would be so perfect for Halloween this year! You can even get costume inspiration from the pictures!


If this pattern interests you, go check out TheTwistedHatter on Etsy to grab yours today! There is still plenty of time to make this before the spooky holiday!


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  1. Is someone able to make the oggie boggie hood ( burlap chap pattern) for me and what would you charge? I really want to gift it to a friend

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