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You Can Get Jack-O-Lantern String Lights For A More Traditional Look This Halloween

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These foldable jack-o’-lantern string lights are super adorable if you want to decorate more in a fun festive Halloween/fall direction instead of scary.


It’s a great way to add some mood lighting to your indoor or outdoor party areas.

My wife and I graced our fireplace mantel with a string of these jack-o-lanterns for All Hallow’s Eve. They add a nice glowing ambience to the season. They make super gifts too! Are actually well made to last for many seasons if stored properly. Our grand children love them as well.

Mike – Amazon reviewer

The jack-o’-lantern string lights give off a mood warm amber light.

On each strand, there are 10 foldable orange Halloween pumpkin lanterns that are printed with the typical jack-o’-lantern faces.


You do have to assemble the lanterns, but it’s super easy to unfold them and place them over the 10 mini LED lights that are on a 7.5 ft strand.


There are 2 lighting modes that you can choose from, you can switch it to a steady on, or you can turn it to a flashing light setting.


My kids love this jack o lantern led lights, easy to assemble battery operated it comes with 10 lantern, Great value

Claudia F. – Amazon reviewer

Since the lights are powered with 2AA batteries, you can use the jack-o’-lantern string lights wherever you would like without worrying about an outlet or extension cord.


You can use the waterproof jack-o’-lantern string lights both indoor and outdoor, however, you will want to keep the battery pack hidden away from the rain.

You can get your own jack-o’-lantern string lights on Amazon for just $6.99!


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