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Moss Ball Pets Are The New Hot Trend and I’m Intrigued

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So there I was, scrolling through TikTok wasting time when I saw them. I had never heard of a Moss Ball Pet, and now I must have one!

Moss Ball Pets

I have this weird fascination with oddities, and this definitely fits the bill for odd things to have around your home. Moss Balls are Icelandic and are known as lake balls, or marimo.


The balls are made up of Aegagropila Linnaei AKA filamentous green algae. Say all of that 10 times real fast…

Moss Ball Pets

It is only known to be in two lakes in the entire world, Lake Akan in Japan (they call it Marimo) and Lake Myvatn in Iceland (they call it kúluskítur). In Japan, Lake Akan is a protected area.


Now, there are things that are similar in several other countries. However, they don’t form a perfectly round shape like these.


Lake Balls can only exist in the cleanest and coldest water. They are a super unique part of the algae family because they have cell walls and chitin that is normally only found in plants.


They are a true scientific oddity! There isn’t even all that much known about them. They are living, but require minimal care, which is perfect for someone like me, or even kids!

Moss Ball Pets

The Moss Balls look great in plant bowls and freshwater aquariums. The website I found them on offers all sorts of Terrarium kits as well.

Moss Ball Pets

I have no idea what they feel like, but from looking at the photos they look so soft! I know it’s weird, and that just makes me want one more.


Moss Ball Pets Love The Cold

They even love hanging out in the snow because the cold is their natural habitat! Look at them just chillin’…


You know what, I’m going for it. I’m going to order myself a Moss Ball Pet! Surely I can keep this alive.


You can buy Moss Ball pets and Terrarium kits online and they’re actually super affordable. Watch the TikTok video that got me hooked below.


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