‘Diamond Painting’ Is The New Way People Are Staying Entertained While Stuck Inside and I’m Trying It

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Most people have been looking for things to occupy their time during lock down.

People that are used to working suddenly have free time. And well, you know what they say about idle hands, right?

So I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends have taken up diamond painting. I had already heard of it before and knew people who did it, but now even more people are picking up the hobby.

I think it’s super cool and I would totally love to try it, but considering I have dystonia, I can just envision all of those little ‘diamonds’ flying across the room. But, I’m not that scared, so I am going to order some for the kids and me to try out.


So of course like any smart homebound shopping mama, I headed to Amazon and let me tell you…you can do a diamond painting of pretty much anything!

Guess what I plan to try? If you know me, then you may have guessed it would be a dog. A Great Dane diamond painting to be precise! Eeek! It looks so much like Furiosa!


Something I learned today is that people are actually doing portraits in this style! Say what?? This sounds like something that we will have to work up to! I can see Lauren mapping out some Kpop singers already!


Remember the Velvet Elvis paintings? Well, you can totally do a diamond painting of Elvis too! They have so many ideas to choose from! I can see why people are addicted to this!


If you haven’t heard of it before, you may be wondering what a diamond painting is. A diamond painting is kind of like a cross between cross-stitch and paint by numbers.

You can buy kits that have everything you need to get started. They will most likely include a DMC-coded adhesive canvas, rhinestones, a pen tool, tweezers, glue, tray, diamonds (not actual diamonds), and other tools you may need.

Now, you’ll also need to add some patience. While these won’t take years to complete, they do take time and patience. Right now we have a lot of time right?


Basically, you start with a canvas that is marked like a paint by number would be. You then apply tiny diamonds (again, not actual diamonds) to the canvas where it’s marked. You don’t have to be artistic to pull this off! Promise!

To apply them you will pick them up with tweezers or the pen tool, dip them in adhesive, and then apply it to the canvas in the designated spot for each color. Repeat this with each color until you have completed your diamond painting masterpiece!


I’ll be starting off with smaller sizes for the girls to give it a try. If they like it, then we will get some larger pieces for them to complete. This really is a project that anyone can do, well almost anyone! No artistic skills required!


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  1. Hello! I had never heard of diamond painting until I read this. I immediately went to Youtube to learn more! One thing I did learn from Jessica at Tiny Worlds of Wonder is that there is a lot of copyright infringement in some of these products, especially those from other countries. Copyright infringement prevents the artists from earning their due. Jessica learned this the hard way when she got a “copyright strike” on her Youtube channel. As a result, she says she has – by choice, on her own – removed and deleted around 50 of her videos from her channel. Thanks for introducing me to this craft! I looking forward to trying it out!

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