Target Will Begin Delivering Starbucks Coffee Right To Your Car

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Curbside pickup has to be one of my favorite things to come out of the last few years.

I love I can just roll up in my pajamas and pick up my order without actually having to get ready for the day.

And it looks like Target is about to take that one step further by bringing your Starbucks coffee orders right to your car!

It’s no secret that one of the best things to do is grab a fresh coffee from the Starbucks inside your Target and sip on it while walking through the isles.

But what if you could shop online from your phone then pick up your order and coffee at the same time?

Target announced today that beginning this Fall, select Target locations will be allowing customers to order a Starbucks coffee alongside their Target curbside pickup order.

Target says adding a Starbucks order to curbside pickups has been a “top request” from customers and I can totally see why!

How to Order a Starbucks Coffee for Curbside Pickup

To use the new feature, you will need to download the Target app and place your normal order with your Starbucks order in the Target app.

You will then indicate when you are “on your way” to ensure a fresh drink or food item.

A Target employee will deliver the Starbucks order and Target items to your car. The option is also available to customers completing returns through the Target app.

I am so excited to give this new feature a try!

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