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Melissa Joan Hart Is Playing A Grandma In A New Movie And People Are Freaking Out

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Are you ready to feel hella old?

Melissa Joan Hart is playing a grandma in a Lifetime movie — I’m not even joking.

Our favorite teenage witch is playing someone’s freaking grandmother — she’s a damn “Meemaw!”.

A clip of the film is going viral on TikTok, not because the film is great, but because it shows Melissa as a not-so-elderly grandma.

The video clip shows Melissa making the Thanksgiving turkey — with her grandchildren!!

I can’t even right now.

After a lifetime of abuse from the same man, three women — a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter – conspire to get rid of him once and for all.


While, yes, a 47 year old can definitely be a grandma — quickly doing the math in my head — there is just something wrong about the girl from Clarissa Explains It All being old enough to have grandchildren.

That means I’m nearly old enough to have grandkids, and that makes me want to throw up.


As per usual, the comments section on the video clip does not disappoint.

They pretty much sum up my feelings on the matter perfectly.

You can see the clip of Melissa Joan Hart playing a grandma — it kills me to even say that — HERE.

The trailer for Would You Kill For Me? The Mary Bailey Story is below, and you can stream the movie now on Amazon Prime.

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