Melissa Joan Hart is Back in this New Netflix Series and She’s the Mom!

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Netflix is nailing it this year and their movies and series releases just keep getting better and better.

This time, Melissa Joan Hart aka Sabrina, The Teenage Witch is making her way to the popular streaming service only this time, she’s not a teen witch – she’s a mom!

No Good Nick is the name of the new series starring Melissa Joan Hart and and Sean Austin (we’ve seen him recently in Stranger Things) and is about a a teen who’s out to get revenge on an unsuspecting family. The teen shows up on their doorstep claiming she’s a distant relative. Will she pull off the scam or not?

Upon reading reviews, people are enjoying the show the biggest thing being discussed is whether or not this is a family-friendly series.

Apparently, it is closer to a Fuller House or The Ranch type sitcom meaning it may be okay for younger audiences to view, but isn’t really made for them?

In an interview, Melissa Joan Hart actually called it “A Family-Friendly This Is Us, Meets Scandal”

In reference to Sean Austin, people are loving him in a sitcom/comedy based series which is great to hear since we are used to seeing him in more series roles (he was also Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of The Rings).

The trailer looks good and the comments on Twitter look promising so, I plan to check it out because I’ve loved watch Melissa Joan Hart and I am sure I’ll enjoy her now that’s she’s more relatable as a mom.

No Good Nick is currently available as of today April 15, 2019 to watch on Netflix.

Check out the trailer below.

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