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Aldi Is Selling $2 Bags of Birthday Cake Popcorn and I Need Some

My daughter Lauren loves anything and everything that is birthday cake flavored. I just found out that Aldi has a new Birthday Cake Popcorn and I need to go find it for her.

I saw it on Instagram and it is the Clancy brand that also brought us the Amazing Dill Pickle Popcorn! I love the Clancy brand! Great flavor at the best price!

The Birthday Cake Popcorn comes in a 5 oz bag, yes, it is a smaller bag so that means BUY MORE THAN ONE!. It is Kettle corn (I love kettle corn) and they have drizzled it with the birthday cake flavor and bonus, it has sprinkles!

One person in the comments on Instagram said it reminds them of the “circus cookies”. That sounds so good! What is your favorite flavor of popcorn? I love the Dill Pickle flavored popcorn!

This is so dang good!!! I’m sad I only bought one bag.

mrs_wellsrn – Instagram

You can get a bag of the Birthday Cake Popcorn at Aldi and it will only cost you about $1.99! Make sure you grab a few bags because this is an Aldi Finds product and that always means it is limited. BOO!