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Here’s How Your Kids Can Have A Virtual Call with Santa and Mrs. Clause

Gone are the days when we could just walk into a shopping mall, and take our kids to sit on Santa’s lap — at least for now.

Luckily there is still a way to communicate with Santa Claus, and it’s easier than you might think.

You can have your kid patch in straight to the big man himself at the North Pole by using the Zoom feature on your computer!!

Courtesy of Visit From the Clauses

Zoom is the answer for just about everything during this dang pandemic, AMIRITE?!? From work to church, from school to family time, we are all utilizing Zoom more than ever before!

This Zoom Santa thing is GENIUS!! It’s so much better than going and waiting in that L-O-N-G Santa line at the shopping mall, just to get 2 minutes with — a sometime grumpy — Santa.

Now, there are many different actors who play Santa, it’s just a matter of choosing one, and connecting with them over the interwebs.

Welcome to Christmas 2020.

Don White and Mary Rogers (Santa and Mrs. Clause) will Zoom right with your child via the North Pole setup in their living room. They used to be traveling Santas, who went from restaurants to shopping malls in their persuit to bring that Ho-Ho-Ho to as many kids as possible.

Now, they bring that joy through the magic of a computer screen.

Courtesy of Visit From the Clauses

Their son, Josh, runs the website, where you can set up Santa calls for your children. A 5 minute call will cost you $45, and a 10 minute call clocks in at $69.

These Zoom calls are WAY more personalized than if you just had your kid go sit on a random Santa’s lap. I mean, think about it, 5 to 10 minutes of uninterrupted Santa Claus time. That’s insane!!

Courtesy of Visit From the Clauses

I wish my kids were little again, because this would be so much fun. I can imagine the smiles and giggles.

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