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Pop-Tarts Is Releasing An Eggo Waffle Frosted Maple Syrup Flavor and I’m So Ready

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How on earth did we not already have a waffle-flavored Pop-Tart?


I mean it sounds like the most logical breakfast combination ever, Eggo and Pop-Tarts in one simple to eat on-the-go snack or breakfast.


Pop-Tarts are the perfect thing to grab when you are in a rush, I often keep one in my car or my purse just in case I get hungry.

The new Frosted Maple Syrup Flavor Pop-Tart combines two of our favorite breakfast foods and is sure to be a new favorite, and I can’t wait to try them.

They have the buttery yellow, flakey crust with a maple-flavored filling, and then they top the Pop-Tart pastries with white and yellow icing in a pattern that looks like the well-known Eggo waffles.

The Frosted Maple Syrup Flavor Pop-Tart will be available in an 8 count box and sell for about $2.99 depending on where you live.

We have just a little longer to wait, but they will be in stores nationwide starting in December 2021.

Until then you have got to check out all of the fall Pop-Tarts that have been released:


Have you tried any of the newest Pop-Tart flavors yet?


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