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Dogs In Wigs Is The New Hot Trend And We Are Here For It

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I love having fun with my dogs, especially dressing up for photos!

Clothing, costumes, nail polish, fun collars, you name it!

Well, there is a trend on Instagram right now where people are posting photos of their dogs in wigs!

It has brought me a lot of laughs today!

Some people went all out with the wigs and props!

I had some drama come my way earlier today and was in a pretty down and out mood

But then I came across these images and can not quit smiling, this one below reminds me of Barbie ha!

Now I am sitting here trying to remember where my wig is, so that I can do this too!

Look, this one looks like Annie!

Maybe you prefer dogs in dreadlocks?

Or maybe you would like something a little bit fancy and proper?

I feel like this dog wants to talk to a manager right this minute!

I can tell you that right now, as a photographer, I am feeling super inspired to plan a day of shoots like this.

What do you think, will you be participating in this fun Instagram trend?

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