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People Are Getting Matching Pedicures With Their Dogs, Because Why Not?

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If you’re not new here, then you may know that I have 4 dogs.

Dogs are my “people” and I’m not kidding at all…

When I came across this magnificent idea, I figured it was perfect for summer for my dog loving peeps!

sachandcha – Instagram

You can totally paint your finger nails and toe nails to match your favorite furry friends nails!

monique_pomapoodiva – Instagram

I mean this is the ultimate best friend thing right?


You’re wearing your sandals, flip-flops, or kickin’ it barefoot at the lake and there’s your awesome dog strutting along beside you with a matching pedicure!

frenchiester.bulldog – Instagram

You do need to make sure that you use pet-safe polish for your dog’s nails, but I got you covered and found the perfect product for you!

Pet Safe Nail Polish Pens


All that you need is the Warren London Pawdicure Dog Nail Polish Pens!

They’re non toxic, odorless, & dry fast which is a definite MUST when it comes to painting your dog’s nails.

Another thing that I love about this product is that it is made in USA, which is pretty important when it comes to pet products.


This product was SO SO easy to use on all my dogs. I just added a Frenchie puppy to my Family & even with her I got ALL her nails done. This was the first time I painted any of my 4 legged Kids as just a fun thing to do & it was so simple. The nail polish was in a pen like object so It was just like writing or drawing on paper.

Amazon customer review

The Pawdicure Dog Nail Polish Pens come in 13 amazing colors!


You can even use them on black nails, just put down a base coat of white first.


Nail polish must flow from pen nib for proper application. Shake pen well, remove cap, press nib of pen straight down on a protected surface until nib depresses slightly into the body of the pen. Pen is ready for use when nib is saturated with polish (about a minute). For dark nails, we recommend using white as a base coat to enhance the color. Close cap tightly after use. TO REMOVE: Use non-acetone polish remover or buffing block.

Product use directions
sachandcha – Instagram

You can buy the Pawdicure Dog Nail Polish on Amazon!


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