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This Personal Photo Booth Is The Perfect Way To Take Pictures and Print Them Instantly At Any Celebration

I have to have this, I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

I was scrolling TikTok like I do pretty much every evening and I came across this woman @rileechastain that was planning her wedding.

rileechastain – TikTok

She wanted a photobooth at her wedding and instead of paying someone, she chose to purchase one.

By purchasing it she can use it over and over for all sorts of parties and events, including her bachelorette party and wedding.

rileechastain – TikTok

This thing is so freaking cool and super easy to use!

You can hang it on a wall, a door, or you can stand it up on a table or other flat surface.

It plugs into an AC outlet, but if you are having an outdoor event you can use a battery pack to keep it powered up.

The photobooth has a 10″ easy to use touchscreen monitor that has built-in filter effects.

The built-in library doesn’t just have filters, it also has stickers, frames, borders, text, augmented reality featies and you can even draw on your image.

rileechastain – TikTok

You can print straight from the device, or you can use the quick share feature that generates a QR code so that you can share it with a smartphone.

The photos print 2″ x 3″ photos on Poloroid ZERO INK TECHNOLOGY (ZINK) paper.

It comes with 16GB of internal storage, but there is a Micro SD memory slot so that you can add more storage externally.

Lindsay and Bret – Amazon Review

How fun is this, I seriously have to get one and you can get one too!

You can buy the WF Tastemakers Polaroid at-Home Instant Photo Booth in white, or red, and you can get the paper refills as well all on Amazon!

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