You Can Get A Retro-Style Hot Dog Steamer And I Call Dibs On The Red One

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You can get a Hot Dog Electric Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer, and I totally need one. BONUS!! It totally matches my kitchen — which is done in red.

My kids are OBSESSED with hot dogs. I don’t know why. I mean, these kids are SUCH picky eaters, but they will eat the heck out of some hot dogs!

How fun would it be to have steamed hot dogs ready for the kids at dinner, and all I have to do is stick them in this steamer, bun and all, and they will be READY when I need them!

This Electric Hot Dog Steamer would be PERFECT for birthday parties or sleepovers! It holds a whopping 24 hot dogs, and 12 buns. OMG, this would save so much time.

You just fill the machine with water (kinda like a coffee maker), and make sure it doesn’t go above the fill line. Don’t worry, there is a handy water-level window, so you can see how much water is in there at all times.

The Electric Hot Dog Steamer is available in two colors. There is the red, which totally matches my kitchen. It is also available in light blue, which really has a 1950s vibe, right?

You don’t have to worry, because this Hot Dog Steamer has cool-touch handles, making it easy to open.

It also has THREE dial settings: off, warm, and high. This allows you to cook up the hot dogs, but leave them warming during dinner.

This looks so much fun! The kids LOVE to play “store” and “restaurant,” and this would be perfect for them to incorporate into their imaginative playtime.

You can get your own Hot Dog Electric Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer right on the Kohl’s website. It isn’t available for pickup, so it is something you will have to order for delivery. It will only cost you 30 bucks!!

They have FREE shipping on $75 orders, so it is the PERFECT time to add on that Nightmare Before Christmas Camping Chair. OMG, it is PERFECT for that trip to the lake or the beach this summer!

Courtesy of Kohl’s

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