2020 Has Been So Scary, This Guy Used It As A Halloween Decoration In His Yard

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This homeowner has hit the nail on the head with his Halloween home decor.

Instead of witches and warlocks or pumpkins and ghosts, this individual in Nashville, Tennessee creatively put together one of the scariest halloween decorations on the block.


James Worsham, an artist and a designer, put together large wooden cutouts of the year 2020 and a sign that reads, “It was the scariest thing I could think of …”


Designed by Mr. Worsham himself, he told Good Morning America,

“I had scrap wood laying around so I decided to put it to good use, said Worsham” “And I’m kind of known for cheesy dad jokes so I figured why not put one literally on my lawn.”

James Worsham

Normally Mr. Worsham does not decorate his home for Halloween because he spends most of his time decorating others homes; however, different times call for different measures and this year, James thought it was appropriate to decorate his lawn considering he survived a tornado that hit Nashville, destroyed his studio and of course, the pandemic which closed his business for several months.


Worsham’s main concern is to look at the brighter side of things and is hopeful that his artwork will make people smile and indeed it has.

“I just hope that no matter what happens to people, that they’re able to laugh at things,” he said.

James Worsham

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