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McDonald’s Superfan Shares $3 Coffee Hack That ‘Tastes Better Than A Starbucks Frappuccino’

Every day is coffee day for me!

teyvat.apothecary – TikTok

Coffee doesn’t even give me energy, but I love the way it tastes so it’s a daily must-have for me.

I just came across an amazing menu hack for McDonald’s for a sweet coffee drink at a bargain price and I can’t wait to give it a try!

According to the TikTok user that posted the menu hack, it’s the best coffee drink and much better than a Starbucks frappuccino.

As I said, this is a secret menu item, so it’s not actually on the menu.

It only consists of two items, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to get your new favorite coffee drink on the go.

Just head to your local McDonald’s and order yourself a large black iced coffee, as well as a vanilla soft serve cone.

teyvat.apothecary – TikTok

A McDonald’s large iced coffee is about $2.50 and a vanilla soft serve cone is only $1.00, so you’re at around $3.50.

He drank some of the iced coffee to make room in the cup.

teyvat.apothecary – TikTok

Then he stirred in a portion of the soft serve vanilla ice cream into the iced coffee for a sweet and creamy iced coffee for just around $3.50!

No other milk, cream, or sugar is needed!

teyvat.apothecary – TikTok

This is literally a Frosty-ccino so I’m obsessed.

TikTok User Comment
teyvat.apothecary – TikTok

I think the only issue would be if the ice cream machines are “broken”, which seems to be a trend for some McDonald’s locations.

You can watch his full TikTok video here!

teyvat.apothecary – TikTok