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You Can Get A Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center Complete With A Chocolate Slide and Pool

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This is freaking adorable! This is the Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center and it is perfect for the little ones and tons of summer fun!

It has a water sprayer! You just attach a garden hose to keep everything wet! This will keep your kids cool while playing on hot summer days.

Kaitlyn – Amazon Reviewer

I got it a day early – & on a Sunday, got it set up the next day and we LOVE it. Even better and cooler than I expected! Perfect for my 1 & almost 4y/o, but also the neighbors, ages 6 & 9 I believe played in it as well and they all had a great time! The slide actually does work quite well, I didn’t expect it to I figured the kids would just climb n roll around on it n stuff but it actually does work! It says not to use an air pressure thing but, we did, very low pressure & had to shove fingers in the hole with it to get the air in because it is a big hole but it worked! I am so happy with this purchase one of my Best Buy’s for the kids for sure!! Quick and easy and so far so good! Great size too! I would add more photos but for some reason, it isn’t letting me right now. The photo is the smaller half of the pool and I feel like it is bigger than it appears in the photo actually, read dimensions on the item.

Kaitlyn – Amazon Reviewer

It has a waterslide, 2 lollipops, rails for rolling the balls, and 6 balls! You could always get more balls to add to this as well.

It has a landing mat for extra padding as well! This is perfect for ages 2 to 10 years old.

Calli M. Fraley – Amazon Reviewer

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Our 18M old has had two baby pools, they held her attention for all of 5 seconds. We blew this up on Thursday and she’s been in it non stop all day ever since! GREAT PURCHASE FOR THE MONEY! And it’s big enough for mommy to get in and hang also! Great quality, drains slowly to release water for freshies the next day. I’m so excited to spend the summer with her and this pool!

Calli M. Fraley – Amazon Reviewer

We bought this for 18 month old. We live in Las Vegas, so it’s super hot and we don’t have a private pool. We used a shop vac to inflate this and it took less than 20 minutes for setup. He loved the spray feature and the spots where you can roll the balls. It’s so affordable at less than $35. Even if it just lasts one summer, it would be still worth it. I would recommend this. BTW – I got this for my son, even though it’s kind of a girly thing, but I don’t think he cares.

Nikki Rose T – Amazon Reviewer

I think this would be perfect for my grandson to play in! He is still so little and he could get a lot of use out of this, years even! It seems like it could totally be used dry and indoors as well for a fun little play area!


You can get yours on Amazon for only $159.99 & FREE Shipping! Tons of fun without ever leaving home!


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