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Aldi Is Launching An Entire Line Of Harry Potter Products, Accio All Of Them To Me

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Aldi has always been known for their super affordable food. But Harry Potter items!?! Heck to the freaking yes!


Aldi UK has just announced that they are launching a huge range of Harry Potter products this month. This will range from books to board games to homeware!


I can’t believe this is actually happening! I’ve never been a big fan of Aldi myself, but between the giant boxed Sangria they just started selling, and this, I may have to start!

Side note: I swear the UK gets all the good stuff. Come on Aldi US we want HARRY POTTER STUFF!


They are going to have Harry Potter Board games, such as Trivial Pursuit!


And Scrabble too! I for one, am a sucker for word games! The product description reads: “Play as normal or use the unique vocabulary found in Harry Potter, this game comes with magical Hogwarts cards and a Harry Potter Glossary”. I know that I am for sure up for that challenge!


Harry Potter Headbandz is another game that’s more kid-friendly that will be available! I have to say, I’m pretty excited about this one too!


The Harry Potter Book Collection is another goodie that’s going to be available. So if you haven’t read the series yet, or just want a pretty looking set, here you go!


There are going to be multiple series of the Harry Potter Legos to try out as well for you and/or your kiddos!


They are even going to have BEDDING SETS! What are you doing to us Aldi??!? Trying to give us a happy heart attack?


From pillows to wall decor, they are going to have so much that it looks like they’ll have to have a Harry Potter department or something!


From lunch boxes, to an invisibility cloak, I really could go on forever. Let me put it this way…they’re going to have everything.

Looks like I need to book my flight to the UK to stock up on all my favorite Harry Potter products. Unfortunately, this line isn’t available in the U.S. (yet) but I can only hope they bring it soon!


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