Move Over Pumpkins, Carving Pineapples Is The New Trend For Halloween

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Picking out a pumpkin takes time and patience, no really, the perfect pumpkin will decide the fate of your jack-o’-lantern.

The shape, size, the height of the stem, color, and many more factors should be considered. You also have to take into consideration which fruit you want to carve.

What? Did you think pumpkins were the only food group you could carve for Halloween? Heck no!


It’s a trust in the process sort of situation and pineapples are the next runner up on the carving list!


The trend for carving pineapples instead of pumpkins ignited a few years ago and my jack-o’-lanterns this year, are going to have to get used to a few tropical friends.


Coincidentally when carved, the pineapples almost look more frightening than the pumpkins, due to the spikes on the skin of the pineapple.


I just love the tropical vibe these carved pineapple jack-o’-lanterns bring to your front doorstep.


Although from the looks of these pictures, these pineapples look even more aesthetically pleasing on the sandy shores.


Depending on how you design it, your pineapple can look like it’s on a tropical vacation or an intimidating jack-o’-lantern sitting on your front doorstep on Halloween night.


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