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Welch’s Is Releasing Adult Canned Cocktails In Four Different Flavors And I Can’t Wait To Try Some

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For those of you who grew up drinking Welch’s and have since given up their juice because you’re not a kid anymore, you might want to consider buying the brand again!

The food company is officially released boozy drinks for those of us who grew up drinking their grape juice.

In four different varieties with the help of COOP Bev Works, Welch’s has created their own line of adult beverages that they call, Craft Cocktails!

With each cocktail, you can expect a mixture of real fruit juice and an ABV of 5.9% stuffed in each can.

Courtesy of Welch’s Craft Cocktails

Now when it comes down to flavor, for those of you who are 21 and older, you can choose to sip on their new Vodka Cranberry, the Passion Fruit Mojito, a Watermelon Mule, or Welch’s Vodka Transfusion.

Courtesy of Welch’s Craft Cocktails

But Welch’s Vodka Transfusion may just be the best cocktail out of the entire boozy bunch, considering this adult drink features Welch’s famous Concord Grape juice!

So if you’re interested in buying a few cans, you can head on over to Welch’s website right here, to find out which states will be selling the new line of canned cocktails very soon!

Courtesy of Welch’s Craft Cocktails

A full store locater on Welch’s website will be available in the future as well, so keep your eyes peeled on that website!

Plus, you can also count on the 12-oz. cans to come in single-flavor, four-packs in over 20 different states countrywide!

Courtesy of Welch’s

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