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McDonald’s is Releasing Grandma McFlurry That’ll Remind You of Your Childhood

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There’s a new limited edition McFlurry coming very soon from McDonald’s and it’s sweet just like Grandma!

Some of my best memories from childhood were spending weekends at either of my grandma’s houses, they always had good treats on hand for us kids.

But especially the trips to McDonald’s! Those were something we kids always looked forward too.

Image credit: McDonald’s

The new limited edition Grandma McFlurry has a tasty syrup, with chopped-up crunchy candy pieces blended in creamy vanilla soft serve. There haven’t been any details released on the specific flavor.

Image credit: tristatemcdonalds

It’s time to celebrate grandmas, and now that I am one I can’t wait to enjoy this new sweet treat from McDonald’s with my little BFF.

Grandmas have always held a special place in our hearts, and today they’re having a major moment influencing culture – inspiring trends in fashion, decor and now, even food with our newest McFlurry. The Grandma McFlurry tastes like a trip down memory lane, and we’re excited to give our fans that experience while honoring the grandma-figure in all our lives.

Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at McDonald’s.
Image credit: McDonald’s

You’ll be able to take your Grandma out to try this new McFlurry starting on May 21st! My grandson is just a little thing and can’t drive, so it looks like I’ll be taking him to take me ha!

Don’t have a Grandma and you’re not a grandma? That’s ok! This McFlurry is for everyone!

Image credit: McDonald’s

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