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25 Of The Best Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Right Now

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I am ALWAYS looking for a new show to binge watch. I have burned through so many of them lately, it’s kind of hard for me to find something new.

Netflix almost never disappoints, however! They ALWAYS have something waiting in the wings for me to binge watch. Some of them are Netflix Originals, some of the shows are ones that have been on regular TV.

Whether it’s new or old, I can always count on Netflix to have SOMETHING for me to start my next binge watching marathon!

Here are 25 of the Best Shows on Netflix to binge watch right now, as voted on by my Facebook friends. I can’t vouch for ALL of them, but most of them are AMAZING!

Some of the trailers have a bit of language. Proceed with caution.

25 Of The Best Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix

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