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Supernatural Season 15 Is Officially On Netflix and I’m Bing Watching It Tonight

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Supernatural has been one of my all time favorite shows! It has been such sad news to me the series is coming to an end. But due to everything happening in the world right now, there’s been severe production issues in being able to complete their final season.

We thought we would be waiting forever. But we finally have some news…

The CW

Since production was brought to a complete stop, the airing of the final season of Supernatural did too. There have been 13 episodes aired so far, and those episodes are now available on Netflix for anyone to watch. But it is not the end of the series.


The remaining 7 episodes will premiere in the Fall of this year to complete the series.

The halt on production was unexpected, and although other shows are shortening their seasons and tacking on the extra stuff at the start of the next season, that wasn’t an option for Supernatural. Because this is the end of an era. The finale of the whole series. You CAN’T cut something like that short.


So for now, while we wait, we can binge the 13 episodes that have already aired on The CW and patiently await the final 7 epsidodes. And although the last 7 episodes will be airing in the Fall, chances are, those episodes won’t make it to Netflix before December.


The plan is for Supernatural to pick back up production as soon as it is safe to, but they are also needing to work around Jared Padalecki, who is starring in a new series, Walker. This will be a reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger.


“The plan is, we already have five episodes in the can for Supernatural,” The CW president Mark Pedowitz said. “So Jared and Jensen will go as soon as they’re able to to finish up the last two episodes and then he will go off to work on Walker.”


So what are your thoughts? I’m honestly happy that they took this approach because I stream all of my shows and haven’t seen the first half of the final series and now I easily can!


Yes, we have to wait for the final 7 episodes. But at least we don’t have to say goodbye yet, right? What are your thoughts?


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