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DIY Minion Magnets

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Our kids are going to be heading back to school soon and that means they will be bringing home their masterpieces to display on the fridge. EEK! Do you not have enough magnets to hold them all? Don’t worry because you can make your own Minion Magnets and never run out of ways to display your child’s schoolwork AGAIN! Did I mention that almost all of the supplies can be found at your local dollar store?

DIY Minion Magnets

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Minion Magnets:

minion magnets supplies

How to Make Minion Magnets:

  1. Open your Minion sticker book and find the stickers that are more round or square.
  2. Grab a glass gem and place it on top of the round or square stickers to ensure it will fit.minion magnets inprocess1
  3. Grab your scissors and cut out the stickers that will fit under the glass gems. Cut them out so they are rounded to fit the glass gem perfectly. Keep in mind you want to keep the paper backing on the stickers. Otherwise, they will be sticky and you will have a hard time using them in this craft.minion magnets inprocess2 minion magnets inprocess3
  4. Use your foam brush and paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the back of a glass gem.minion magnets inprocess4
  5. Place a sticker onto the area you applied the Mod Podge. It will start to dry quickly so hurry and reposition it as needed.minion magnets inprocess5
  6. Once the sticker is adhered to the glass gem, it’s time to apply another thin layer of Mod Podge directly over the entire backside of the sticker and glass gem. Allow to dry.minion magnets inprocess6
  7. Once entirely dry, apply a small dot of hot glue onto a single magnet.
  8. Place a magnet onto the glass gem.minion magnets inprocess7
  9. You will then have a Minion Magnet!

minion magnet inprocess8

minion magnets featured

Looking for another fun Minion craft idea? Check out this Minion Glow Stick Necklace!

Minion-Glow-Stick-Necklace-Featured (1)

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