‘The Haunting Of Bly Manor’ Is The Horror Series With An Incredibly Intriguing Storyline

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I have always been one to stay away from Horror movies. I haven’t been much of a fan of watching a movie just to jump a lot and get scared.

So I wasn’t super keen on watching The Haunting Of Bly Manor at first. But then I figured with it being the number one show on Netflix right now, I would give it a go. And I was surprisingly NOT disappointed!


To me, horror movies have never been my thing, mainly because the goal is to scare you and make you jump. When I watch something, I want it to have a great storyline. Something that will have me wanting more and never wanting to hit pause.


So with low expectations, I started this show. And I was BLOWN AWAY. It has suspense, intrigue, romance, drama, everything that a good show needs. And then on top of it, there’s of course some creepy demon lady in the lake…


There’s foreshadowing, flashback memories, and a whole lot of scandal. Every time I finished an episode, I was immediately clicking for the next one. I have NEVER had any horror show do that for me. Ever.


And on top of that, there is a HUGE amount of Easter egg ghosts throughout the show! In fact, there are so many hidden ghosts in the film, that people are watching over and over trying to find them all. I just cheat and read about everyone else’s finds.


The point that I am trying to get across here, is if you want something spooky to watch but aren’t really the type to watch horror movies and shows, THIS is the show for you.


There is suspense, thrill, and creepiness, yes. But there is an actual storyline that you will want to follow, just as you would with a normal tv show! So give it a go! And let us know in the comments what you think!


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