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You Can Get A Giant Inflatable Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle So, Accio It to Me

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This is Code Orange in a super colossal way!

I’m doing a little happy dance right now. Halloween and Harry Potter — 2 of my favorite things!!

Sam’s Club

You have to check this out. It’s an Inflatable Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle that’s just the perfect thing to welcome all those Trick-Or-Treaters to your door this Halloween season.

You can go ahead and accio this Inflatable Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle right into my yard this Halloween!

Sam’s Club

It’s ginormous, and you can walk through it. GAH!!

How stinkin’ awesome is that?!?

Sam’s Club

You can display this Airblown Colossal Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Airblown Inflatable indoor or outdoor decoration as a standalone or combine it with other Airblown Inflatables to create your own custom scene.

Sam’s Club

This gigantic not-so-spooky inflatable measures 144 inches high by 138 inches long by 86 inches wide — that’s nearly 12 feet tall!

It self-inflates in minutes, and is super easy to set up — it comes with everything you will need.

Sam’s Club

The setup of the inflatable is super simple as well. Just plug this Airblown Inflatable in, stake it down to secure it and watch the holiday excitement unfold. 

Sam’s Club

This Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle is only $299.98, and you can set it up year after spooky year.

To get your own colossal Inflatable Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, simply head on over to the Sam’s Club website.

Sam’s Club

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