Disney World Has Cotton Candy Shaped Like Santa’s Hat, Here’s How to Get It

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If you don’t like cotton candy, we can’t be friends. Seriously. It’s spun sugar and flavoring. What’s not to like?

Right now, at the Epcot Park in Disney World, you can get this delicious spun sugar in the shape of Santa’s hat. Get out of my way. I’m pushing my way to the front of the line!

All you have to do is head straight back to the China Pavillion in Epcot’s World Showcase. There, a master cotton candy artist will make you one of these sweet Santa hats in red or green.


It will cost you $15, and I’m not even mad. By Disney standards, that’s not very expensive. I mean, COME ON, when else are you going to get a GIANT Santa hat made out of cotton candy?


During this Holiday Season, you can get these cotton candy creations only during certain times of the day, and according to @tradzak on Instagram, you can’t get it on Wednesdays. Plan your time accordingly!


Apparently there is only ONE cotton candy artist, Wenbo Zhang, and he is a GENIUS. I wonder if he would take me on as an apprentice cotton-candy maker!

Be warned, the line is usually LONG. Not to worry, though. It moves quickly.


Also important to note: if it is raining, the sugar will melt away, and you’ll be left with a stick. That is about the saddest thing that could happen. With Florida weather being tricky — it usually thunderstorms everyday — make sure you don’t get this fun creation wet.

While you are at Disney World, make sure to check out the new Runaway Railway, featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

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