Pop-Tarts Frosted Chocolatey Fudge Bites Are Here and I Need Them

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Do you ever walk down your grocery aisle, and a box of Pop-Tarts just happens to appear in your basket? No? Just me? Weird.

Pop-Tarts makes these new Frosted Chocolatey Fudge Bites, and I’m totally obsessed AF. What is not to love here?!?

I LOVE chocolate fudge. It’s one of my absolute favorite splurges. It’s the perfect blend of chocolate, and more chocolate, and even more gooey chocolate.

These Pop-Tart Bites are totally poppable. That meaning, you can open the box, and just keep popping these little guys in your mouth. What a blessing and a curse! I, literally, can’t stop eating them. My husband has to physically remove them from my sight. Ha!

They DO come in pouches — but you have to stop yourself from opening every single one of the pouches. LOL! You will get TEN pouches per box, which make them GREAT for sticking right in with your lunches.


Now, you can totally try to find these at your local grocery store, but I found mine right on the Pop-Tart aisle at Walmart. They were only about five bucks, and totally worth the money. Like I said, I love chocolate!

If you are absolutely insane, and trying to diet through the Holidays, these will be GREAT for you. They are only 150 calories per package, and will totally satisfy that sweet craving. Just don’t be like me and open five pouches at once!


These poppable Pop-Tarts Bites do come in two other flavors — Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Frosted Strawberry — but the Chocolate variety are definitely my favorite!


Store them in your desk drawer for a pick-me-up, keep them on hand in your pantry for a sweet after-dinner treat, or even bring some in the car for a satisfying snack on the road. These Pop-Tarts Bites also make welcome additions to care packages, goodie bags, and gift baskets pleasant surprise friends and family will be delighted to open.


Seriously, get to your store, and find these. You will be happy you did. They are so totally tasty!


While you’re picking up your Frosted Chocolatey Fudge Pop-Tarts Bites, check out these Pretzel Pop-Tarts that are so freaking amazing. Sweet meets Salty, and it’s perfection.


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